Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get answers about all questions regarding an Austrian passport?
Contact the Austrian Consulate online at

I am not an Austrian citizen, do I need a Visa in Austria?
At this time American citizens do not need a Visa to enter Austria yet some other countries' citizens do, please go to for more details. Applicants for Schengen travel visa (Visa C - only!) residing in Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma or Texas, are allowed to submit their application personally at the German Consulate General in Houston:

I am on transit at the Vienna airport. Do I need a transit visa?
If you are staying in the international transit area you most likely do not need a transit visa. Please check the table from the link below. The nationalities that need a transit visa are marked in the far right column "Flughafen" (unless they have a visa issued by a number of destination countries, see additional comments at the bottom of the table).

I need something signed or notarized, who do I contact?